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Have not been able to watch NBC or KSL-TV for more than 3 months. Now your into ratings and you've lost one third of you viewers.

How will that play out with your advertisers? Are they willing to pay full price when you have fewer viewers than the Salt Lake stations? I've missed NBC news, all of the NBC football games and even KSL-TV news. I have to keep typing because your minimum numbers of words is 100, which is crazy.

I've said everything I want to say. Get it together so viewers can watch NBC, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and even KSL-TV News. It's up to KSL to settle this, you are dealing with a multi-multi billion dollar company and you're a small station in the #43 market.

Think of your viewers. Wtf

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I'm with Kaye! I am stuck in a Directv contract so I cannot cancel that service, however I still feel the majority of this issue is on KSL.

After all, KSL does provide their broadcast for free over an antenna.

DTV adds a service value by providing guides and DVR services and has the right to charge for those services. KSL needs to stop being greedy!!


I am disappointed and will cancel my Direct Tv services along with following a boycott of channel 5 sponsors. I’m sick of greed running America.

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